The Law Office of Xavier A.M. Lavoipierre is pleased to announce that in the very near future Mr. Lavoipierre will be rolling out a new website to highlight his mediation services.

Over the course of a 25+ year legal career, Mr. Lavoipierre has found that the vast majority of disputants are happier when they resolve their disputes through mediation rather than litigation. Mediation is the preferred alternative for nearly all disputes – everything from workplace and employment issues, and neighbor and landlord/tenant issues, to complex disputes involving multiple parties and even entire communities. Ideally, disputants should consider mediation as a first option, rather than as an afterthought to litigation.

For over 14 years Mr. Lavoipierre served as a small claims judge pro tem for the Sonoma County Superior Court, and is now doing so for the Napa County Superior Court. He has also served as a mediator and arbitrator, notably in numerous mobilehome rent control cases in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Santa Cruz counties.

Mr. Lavoipierre uses both facilitative (or interest-based) and evaluative (or rights-based) mediation, depending on the particular dispute and the needs of the parties. While he will mediate a wide range of disputes, Mr. Lavoipierre’s legal background is primarily in employment, real estate, landlord-tenant, construction, personal injury, toxic waste, general business transactions and disputes, and appeals. He has tried cases in Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Solano counties, and has been involved in hundreds of trials, mediations, arbitrations, settlement conferences and administrative hearings as an advocate, mediator and decision maker.

Mr. Lavoipierre received his mediation certificate through Ron Kelly’s “Mediation Skills Training” (offered by the Bar Association of San Francisco), and he serves on mediation panels for organizations and courts in the Bay Area.

Be on the lookout for the website rollout, and in the meantime, if you think you might benefit from a mediated resolution of your dispute, or simply want to find out more about mediation and rates, contact Mr. Lavoipierre through the Sonoma Law Office website (, or simply call him directly at (707)938-1611.